Colorado: ACA Medicaid/CHIP expansion reaches up to 310K

OK, technically not all of these are due specifically to ACA Medicaid expansion, but the majority of them should be, based on past reports. Unfortunately, it's my understanding that the Colorado exchange has decided to stop including Medicaid expansion data with their reports; hopefully this isn't the case, but assuming it is, this is the best I can do for now.

According to the CO Dept. of Healthcare Policy, as of October, the combined Medicaid/CHIP enrollment was 1,172,793:

In October 2014, there were 1,120,120 Coloradans enrolled in Medicaid and 52,673 Coloradans enrolled in CHP+.

Back in December 2013 (just prior to the expansion provision), Colorado had 862,549 people in these programs, a difference of 310,244. 

I'm estimating that perhaps 40,000 of these are "woodworkers", the other 270K or so strict expansion.

According to, roughly 332,000 Coloradans are eligible for the expansion program.