Maryland: 7,943 QHPs in first week!! (16,743 Total in OE2)

As of this afternoon, 23,457 total applications. 9,735 apps complete. 16,743 Marylanders enrolled in QHP + Medicaid. #GreatStartMaryland

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) November 21, 2014

OK, without knowing the QHP/Medicaid breakout, I have to temper my data-geek about the 16.7K total. Even so, that's pretty impressive.

For comparison, through October 3rd, Maryland's ratio was around 81,000 QHPs to 263,000 Medicaid additions...or about a 1:3 ratio.

except that about 96,000 of these were "one time" bulk transferees from an existing state-run program. If you take them out, the ratio is more like 81K / 167K, or about 1:2.

Until I get a hard number, I'll err on the side of caution and go with the 1:3 ratio, which would mean around 4,000 QHPs and 12,743 added to Medicaid.

UPDATE: Strike that!! Holy smokes...I asked for clarification on the breakout and got the following:

@charles_gaba Almost 8,000 QHPs

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) November 21, 2014

24X more signups than wk 1 last yr MT @drJoshS: Friday afternoon + 7,943 Mders have signed up for private health plans thru @MarylandConnect

— Sarah Gantz (@BaltBizSarah) November 21, 2014


For comparison: In the 2014 open enrollment, there were only 

67,757 QHP enrollments total, or 339 per day.

That means Maryland is currently enrolling people at 3.3x the rate they were last year...including the massive December & March/April surges.