Maryland: QHPs break 81K; net increase of 263K on Medicaid since December

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Esther F.

I have the press release as well, but this article from the Daily Record does a good job of summarizing the numbers:

More than 81,000 Marylanders had enrolled in private health insurance on the state’s health exchange as of Sept. 20, officials said Friday.

That’s an increase of 2,425 individuals since August.

At the end of September, 376,850 people had gained Medicaid coverage during 2014. That’s an increase of 21,569 over the past month.

However, over the past year, some people have been dropped from the Medicaid rolls. People can become ineligible for the public insurance program if their income increases or if they experience other changes, like in age or household status.

So, the net increase in Medicaid enrollment compared to December 2013 is 262,979 people, according to officials with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange.

As I noted last month, Maryland's off-season additions and subtractions have been remarkably consistent, pretty much cancelling each other out at around 79K give or take since July. The 8/23 figure of 78,666 was a current figure. I don't know if the 9/20 81K figure is current or cumulative, but either way it looks like MD has had almost no net attrition of private enrollees so far:

  • QHPs as of 4/14: 66,203
  • QHPs as of 5/31: 72,207
  • QHPs as of 7/26: 78,930
  • QHPs as of 8/23: 78,666
  • QHPs as of 9/20: 81,091

Meanwhile, MD's net new Medicaid tally has gone up by around 3,600 since last month, even after accounting for people moving off of the program.