Alaska: Like Ohio, AK April QHP enrollment also somewhat higher than previously reported? (Update: Never mind...)

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Deaconblues provides another article with a similarly curious private enrollment update. I just reported that Ohio's 2014 open enrollment tally was apparently several thousand people higher than originally thought. Now it seems that the same is true in Alaska:

When the ACA open enrollment period ended for 2014, approximately 16,000 Alaskans had purchased individual health insurance plans, with nearly 9,000 receiving federal subsidies through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace.

The official HHS report gave Alaska's number as 12,890 as of 4/19...this is 24% higher than that. The first thing which crossed my mind is that the 16K figure might refer to the current gross enrollment figure, which should indeed be about 18% higher than it was in mid-April nationally. However, the fact that the article itself is an extremely anti-ACA screed by the Alaska Commerce Commissioner makes me pretty confident that she wouldn't try to make the actual enrollment numbers any better than they actually were.

Again, the numbers are small enough not to really impact anything, but it's noteworthy.

UPDATE: OK, never mind. Nice catch in the comments by Esther F. who notes that the extra 3,100 in Alaska's case appear to be off-exchange enrollees, lumped into the same "risk pool" assessment.