Worst Senate candidate of the year vows to strip 630K Michiganders of health insurance

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Chris Savage

OK, I suppose there have been worse U.S. Senate candidates in the past, and it's conceivable that there are worse ones this year thrown in by one major party or the other as "Some Dude®" sacrificial lambs in deep Red or Blue states. However, Terri Lynn Land is certainly the worst "serious" contender this cycle that I can think of.

Anyway, Land, who somehow managed to win statewide office twice as Michigan's SOS in the past, has apparently decided that 630,000 of her potential constituents shouldn't have decent, affordable healthcare coverage, so she's signed a pledge vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Michigan's Medicaid expansion plan (which only exists thanks to the ACA) has 385,000 people enrolled as of a week ago (which is being crowed about by her fellow Republican, MI Gov. Rick Snyder...who also opposes the ACA which made it possible, of course). Another 245,000 Michiganders (including my wife, son and I) are enrolled in QHPs via Healthcare.Gov; repealing the law would result in all 630,000 of us being kicked off of their insurance policies.

It would also mean that insurance companies could go back to denying us coverage based on pre-existing conditions, jack up rates pretty much whenever and however much they want to, and then kick us off of the policy the moment that any of us actually, you know, get sick or injured if they want to. You know: The Good Old Days®.

As Chris Savage of Eclectablog puts it:

Land has failed to say how she would respond to the thousands upon thousands of Michiganders who would be thrown back into the abyss of inadequate health care coverage. This is somehow part of her “Michigan First” plan, apparently.

Terri Lynn Land is grasping for anything that will bolster her campaign which is in a death spiral. She appears to think that this move will win her votes, as if the tea partiers she’s appealing to were going to vote for her Democratic opponent Gary Peters otherwise.