Connecticut: Dental plans; Over 90% paying; remaining uninsured more concentrated

Hat Tip To: 
Arielle Levin Becker

A ton of great ACA news coming out of Connecticut this morning, courtesy of Arielle Levin Becker (posted in reverse-chronological order, newest at the top):

  • Exchange also wants to reach people who have coverage but could get better deal with Access Health plan, incl pl w grandfathered plans
  • Madrak says the remaining uninsured are more concentrated this year than last, in 20-25 zip codes in ~10 cities. Allows more targeted effort
  • CT exchange revamping small business exchange, which hasn't signed up many employers this year. New website will incl tax credit calculator
  • Access Health website avatar Tina, who will help guide people on the site, speaks English and Spanish.
  • Exchange CEO says CT leads US in number of customers who continue to pay. Says nonpayment rate is in single digits, less than anticipated.
  • Dept Soc Svcs hopeful many Medicaid clients can have their coverage automatically renewed if their info (income, etc.) doesn't change.
  • Current Access Health membership: 76,094 in private insurance, 207,020 in Medicaid (total Medicaid enrollment is much higher)
  • Access Health's exchange franchising arm has started to make revenue, CEO says. Trainers working with Maryland on their exchange.
  • Access Health, CT's health insurance exchange, will be offering dental plans for next year starting in November
  • CT exchange says Obamacare enrollment made a dent in racial, ethnic disparities in insurance coverage 

From the link provided, we further learn that:

  • 83% of the exchange’s private insurance customers and 91% of those who signed up for Medicaid reported being extremely, very or somewhat satisfied with the enrollment process.
  • 54% of exchange customers had been uninsured in the year before signing up. People who qualified for Medicaid were more likely to have been uninsured: 62% went without coverage during the previous year, as did 43% of private insurance enrollees.
  • More than four in 10 customers signed up for coverage online without assistance. The call center was the second most popular method for signing up, used by 18 percent of private insurance customers and 24 percent of people enrolled in Medicaid.