Roundup: VA healthcare expansion; KYnect success may hurt GOP; VT exchange hires IT head

Between my son being sick for the past 4 days (he's better now, thanks!), losing my internet connection for 2 days (it's back up now, thanks!) and just generally being swamped with work, I don't have time to give these stories the attention they deserve, but they're all worth checking out:

McAuliffe unveils 10-step plan to expand health coverage for Virginians

Beyond that [the 25,000 people being added to Medicaid], the strategy seeks to chip away at the ranks of the uninsured, by enrolling them in programs they already qualify but haven't signed up for. The state will launch a website to help Virginians enroll in health care coverage through existing programs such as Medicaid and will step up efforts to sign up more Virginians for the federal health insurance exchange,

Bill Straub: Kentucky GOP’s rendition of ‘I’m Against It’ may hit sour note on health care

On Tuesday of this week the Kentucky Republican Party, in an ongoing effort to claim the state House of Representatives, thus giving it a majority in both legislative chambers, issued what it called a “Handshake with Kentucky,’’ a legislative program intended to attract voter fealty. Included was a proposal to kill Medicaid expansion and obliterate all remnants of Obamacare without, of course, offering an alternative to those who have benefitted.


State officials have found the person they say will guide the IT components of Vermont Health Connect exchange to completion.

Or rather, he found them.

Robert Skowronski, 63, of Warren has worked in health insurance for more than three decades, most recently as a project manager for UnitedHealthcare’s Northeast regional leadership team.