If Texas Republicans have a heart attack over this news, at least Obamacare will cover it.

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Scott M.

A reader forwarded this to me; I ran a search for the organization they referred to and sure enough, it's legit:

Email today from Texas Well and Healthy that might suggest another one of those "we have to craft a uniquely TX solution for a uniquely TX problem because Obamacare sucks" deal. Copy follows...

County Leaders Call for Insurance Solution as Texas Senate Commitee Discusses Alternatives to Medicaid Expansion

Our state leaders may be moving slow on health care, but local leaders are giving them a nudge in the right direction.

Leaders of six of the state's largest counties -- ranging from Harris County's Republican Judge Emmett to Dallas County's Democratic Judge Jenkins -- have joined together to call on the legislature to find a "uniquely Texas solution" to covering uninsured low-wage workers.

The county leaders wrote to the legislature as the Senate Health and Human Services Committee met to discuss Texas alternatives to Medicaid expansion.

In their letter to legislators, which you can read here, they noted that uncompensated care in Texas currently costs more than $4 billion per year. As the federal government phases out funding for hospitals to cover those bills for the uninsured, it will be even more important for Texas to accept the new stream of money designed to help these Texans into insurance plans.

As the county judges know, negotiating a Texas plan will help keep our hospitals open, save property taxes, create new health care jobs, and help Texans get back to their families and jobs faster when they get sick. 

Yep. First Pennsylvania, then Tennessee and now even Texas might be considering backing off their "screw over poor people to teach a lesson to Obama!" mantra. It would almost certainly be an Arkansas-style "public Medicaid option" (which basically amounts to private QHPs paid for with 100% tax credits), but so be it.