Help Needed: Seeking updated QHP data from CA, NY & RI (& others)

Usually I'm able to track down my data either by myself or with the help of several people who send me data links on a fairly regular basis. This has resulted in my being able to fill in off-season QHP enrollment data for almost 20 states.

However, there are several states whose data has eluded me so far...and unfortunately, this includes the two largest state-run exchanges: California and New York. I've contacted both exchanges; CoveredCA told me that updated enrollment numbers would be released "soon" but that was a good month ago. The New York State of Health exchange flatly stated that they, like HHS, would not be giving out any sort of official off-season enrollment update. There's also the Rhode Island exchange, which hasn't responded to my requests at all. (Update: Never mind that last one; just heard directly from the RI exchange, hopefully they'll be able to provide an update soon...)

Regular readers know that I'm always seeking this sort of data from any state (especially the ones run by, which are usually much harder to come by), but I'm putting out a special request for these three. In addition, there's a number of states for which I have partially-updated numbers; that is, updated since 4/19 but not recently. Here's the full list (bold = no recent updates; highlighted = no updates since 4/19 at all)

  • California: NO UPDATES since 4/19 (107 days)
  • Colorado: Last updated 6/30 (35 days)
  • Connecticut: Last updated 7/22 (only 13 days, but data is rough estimate)
  • District of Columbia: Last updated 7/09 (26 days)
  • Hawaii: Last updated 7/19 (16 days; was giving weekly updates but recently revamped website?)
  • Kentucky: Last updated 6/26 (39 days, but data is rough estimate)
  • Maryland: Last updated 7/26 (9 days)
  • Massachusetts: Last updated 5/07 (89 days)
  • Minnesota: Last updated 7/31 (4 days)
  • Nevada: Last updated 7/31 (4 days, but data is rough estimate)
  • New York: NO UPDATES since 4/19 (107 days)
  • New Mexico: Last updated 6/30 (35 days)
  • North Dakota: Last updated 7/06 (29 days)
  • Oregon: Last updated 7/28 (7 days)
  • Rhode Island: NO UPDATES since 4/19 (107 days)
  • Vermont: Last updated 7/22 (13 days)
  • Washington: Last updated 5/26 (70 days)
  • West Virginia: Last updated 7/11 (24 days)
  • Wisconsin: Last updated 6/01 (64 days)
  • ALL OTHER STATES: NO UPDATES since 4/19 (107 days)