Oregon: Net QHPs up 185, Medicaid up 12,517 in past week

Oregon continues to post impressive enrollment numbers considering their never-working website. Total QHPs are up another 922, Net QHPs are up 185 and Medicaid enrollments are up 12,517 over the past week:

July 28, 2014
Update: Private coverage and Oregon Health Plan enrollment through Cover Oregon

Medical enrollments through Cover Oregon: 336,146
Total private medical insurance enrollments through Cover Oregon: 96,037          

Oregon Health Plan enrollments through Cover Oregon: 240,109

Dental enrollments 
Total private dental insurance enrollments through CoverOregon 1: 18,794

Net enrollments 
Net private medical: 82,368
Net private dental: 15,218

The total enrollment increase rate is back down again to 131/day, but the net is back up again at 26/day. Really not sure what to make of this; the net figure is still a couple hundred lower than it was 2 weeks ago, but a couple hundred higher than it was last week, so I'm guessing that "net" does indeed mean existing + new - cancellations, which means this number is likely to jump around quite a bit going forward.