Ohio: ACA Medicaid expansion grows to 243K (43% of total eligible), plus 124K Woodworkers

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The great irony here is that this accurate and helpful data point is provided by a very anti-ACA story, but whatever:

A total of 243,230 Ohioans have already been added to the state’s Medicaid rolls under the Obamacare expansion implemented by Republican Governor John Kasich this January.

Based on the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s May caseload report released last week, enrollment under the expansion was 232,711 in April — not the 184,671 reported last month.

The March enrollment figure was also revised dramatically upward last week, to 208,213 from the 171,910 reported last month. In April, the Ohio Department of Medicaid estimated that March enrollment for those eligible under Obamacare was 106,238.

According to KFF.org, Ohio has around 734,000 uninsured people eligible for Medicaid total (563K via expansion + 171K woodworkers), of which they've now enrolled a combined 243K (43% of the total). In addition, they've added at least 124K Woodworkers, meaning that they'e cut the total number of uninsured eligible for Medicaid in half.