Michigan: ACA Medicaid Expansion up to 302K (over 70% actually enrolled)

Yes, I know I just posted a Michigan Medicaid expansion update a few days ago, and the numbers since then are "only" up 4,000 since then, but this story has another important data point. Regular visitors should have noticed that the Medicaid spreadsheet and section of The Graph always seems to be somewhat higher than the CMS's occasional reports on actual Medicaid enrollment. The main reason is that there's a difference between Medicaid determinations and Medicaid enrollments; the HHS and CMS reports, along with the occasional state-level reports, generally only list how many people have been determined to be eligible for Medicaid. There's still a process that they have to go through in order to fully enroll.

As it happens, I currently have the total determination number nationally at around 8.5 million...and the most recent CMS report put the increase in actual Medicaid enrollments at around 6 million...or right around 70%, so this news out of Michigan seems to be support my estimates:

State officials say after just eleven weeks Michigan's expanded Medicaid plan is now providing coverage to nearly 302,000 people since it was launched on April 1st.

Of the 301,645 new enrollees in the Healthy Michigan plan, roughly 215,000 have already enrolled in a Medicaid health plan.