Michigan: ACA Medicaid expansion up to 200K...I think.

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Hmmm...this article about Michigan's final ACA exchange tally is very specific about the Healthy Michigan program (Michigan's ACA expansion program), claiming the total is nearly 200K total...but if so, this would be an increase of over 41,000 from just 3 days earlier, which I find hard to believe (though that'd be awesome if it's correct).

199,862 minus the 36,307 who were bulk-transferred over from the existing state program = 163,555. The update from just 3 days ago had the total as 158,654.

HOWEVER, it occurs to me that I may have actually assumed that the 158K figure included the 36K transferees...if it didn't, then this makes much more sense, since the difference over those 3 days is only 4,901 people.

If that's the case, then this is VERY impressive indeed, and I apologize for lowballing the earlier number! I'll go ahead and use the higher number for now; on Monday there will a new official update on the state government site, and I can verify things one way or the other:

Another 30,428 Michiganders signed up for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) during the open enrollment period, according to federal figures. That number has already grown since Michigan launched its expanded Medicaid program Healthy Michigan on April 1.

There were 199,862 Healthy Michigan enrollees as of May 1, including those who were previously covered through Medicaid's adult benefits waiver program. The state hopes to cover about 320,000 low-income Michiganders in the program this year.