Connecticut: Up to 18K more QHPs even without official extension?

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Last night I posted that Washington State, which officially is not offering any sort of extension period, actually is allowing late enrollments on a special, case-by-case basis.

Then, earlier today, I learned that Hawaii (which I never really read an official policy on one way or the other, but which I thought was not extending enrollments) actually is doing so for up to potentially 1,100 people or so (192 to date).

Now it appears that Connecticut, which had been very explicit about their "no extension" policy...apparently is allowing up to 10,000 people to (potentially) sneak in under the wire after all:

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange ended its first open enrollment period with 197,878 people signed up for health care coverage, including 5,917 who enrolled Monday.

The final tally might be higher because exchange staffers are still working with people who tried to sign up before the midnight deadline but didn’t complete their applications.

According to the exchange, 5,365 people left voicemail messages with questions about their applications, and about 5,000 people provided information in person or online before the midnight deadline.

“With such a significant surge in enrollment, we will make sure anyone who attempted to enroll but encountered some difficulty will not miss out on being enrolled,” Kevin Counihan, CEO of the exchange, Access Health CT, said in a statement. “We will work diligently to follow up with everyone who left a voicemail yesterday or visited one of the in-person enrollment locations to ensure their application is complete for coverage beginning May 1.”

So why do I say up to 18,000? Because I'm assuming that each of these voicemails and/or online/in person forms are for households, which means you could be potentially talking about my standard 1.8x household multiplier applying here. We'll have to see, however...