Michigan: BCBSM: 53K Off-Exchange QHPs, 89K "grandfathered" policies?

So, I just received a press release from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), which includes a bunch of data covering the full open enrollment period.

The key part for me is this:

DETROIT, April 2, 2014 – At the close of the six-month ACA Marketplace open enrollment period, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and its HMO subsidiary, Blue Care Network, were selected by more than 300,000 Michigan consumers.

...BCBSM will report final, confirmed numbers later this month once all enrollments are processed and tabulated by the federal government.  The results announced today are initial figures based on reporting by the federal government and BCBSM’s records:

  • 180,000 members enrolled with BCBSM and BCN “on-Marketplace,” meaning through Healthcare.gov.
  • 53,000 members enrolled “off-Marketplace,” meaning directly through the companies.

However, this is a bit confusing, because there aren't any other enrollment numbers listed. 180K + 53K = 233K. If the total is over 300K, where are the other 67K?

In addition, this doesn't make any sense either:

Blue Cross’ enrollment breakdown is as follows for the 2014 open enrollment period:

  • 56 percent of BCBSM and BCN members bought products on the Marketplace.
  • 88 percent of on-Marketplace enrollments were subsidy eligible.
  • 22 percent of enrollees are experiencing reductions of $500 to $1,000 in their monthly premiums.
  • 55 percent of total enrollees were new to BCBSM and BCN.

Good for BCBSM, but 180K / 233K = 77%, and 180K / 300K is 60%...so how do they get 56%?

Fortunately, I asked about this and received my answer (data below is preliminary):

  • 180,000 on marketplace / 322,000 total members = 56 percent
  • 89,000 members are in Keep Fit
  • 180,000 on marketplace + 53,000 off marketplace + 89,000 in keep fit = 322,000

Ah, now it makes sense. The total is 22K higher, and the missing 89K (up 22K from 67K) are the "Keep Fit" policies.

So, why didn't they include these 89K "Keep Fit" policies in the formal press release? Well, since they weren't sold on the exchange, and they aren't listed as being "off-exchange QHPs", I'm assuming that these would be the "grandfathered" non-ACA compliant policies...you know, the estimated 1.5 million "cancelled" policies that the CBO estimates have actually been extended for another year or so.

I checked, and Michigan appears to be one of the states which is allowing these extensions, and it doesn't look like you can get the "Keep FIt" policy anymore, which is pretty strong evidence to me.

If I'm wrong about the "Keep Fit" policies, I'll issue a correction. Meanwhile, the 53K off-exchange policies from BCBSM are official.