Connecticut: Total QHPs down due to unpaid purge, Medicaid up 5,550

A very nice little update from CT. Clean numbers, and this is the first specific reference to policies being subtracted from the total due to non-payment (presumably for policies that started in January, February and possibly March), which is perfectly fine.

I've said all along that I have no problem at all with subtracting any people who truly are deadbeats or cancel their policy for one reason or's just that they shouldn't be subtracted until they actually are past due, that's all.

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange has been enrolling between 3,000 and 4,000 members per day as the sign-up deadline approaches, exchange CEO Kevin Counihan said Thursday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 178,601 state residents had signed up for Medicaid or private insurance through the exchange, Access Health CT.

Of those, 62 percent, or 111,050, will receive Medicaid coverage. The other 67,551 signed up for private insurance. Among private insurance customers, 78 percent are receiving federal financial aid to pay their premiums.

Another 5,000 or so people signed up for private insurance plans but had their coverage terminated because they didn’t pay their bills, Access Health’s Chief Operating Officer Peter Van Loon said. Some have called the exchange’s call center to ask if they can sign up again and pay this time, he added.

In any event, this brings CT's total QHPs down slightly, but my reading of this is that their paid QHPs are now up 5,216...and should also be 100% paid now. Medicaid is up 5,550.