Iowa: ACA-enabled Medicaid jumps from 68K to 82K

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This article contains a breakdown between "strict expansion" (30,000) and "bulk transfers" (51,000), modified from the 13,000 and 55,000 prior estimates (not sure what happened to the other 4,000 who were listed as being transferred from IowaCare previously). Still a net gain of 13,000 people.

In addition, state officials say about 81,000 Iowans have enrolled in the new Iowa Health and Wellness Plan or Marketplace Choice Plan, which are Iowa’s versions of an expanded Medicaid program.

About 51,000 of those people used to have limited coverage from IowaCare, a program that ended Dec. 31.

 Interestingly, there's even a reference to a specific "woodworker" figure

 In February, 403,609 people were enrolled in the program. That represented an increase of 0.5 percent from the 401,582 who were in the program in February 2013.

Iowa has less room for improvement on these measures, because it has one of the lowest rates of uninsured residents of any state. 

Since this dates back to February 2013 (not October), I'm only going to use 5/12ths of that 2,027 who can truly be considered "woodworkers", or just 845 for the moment. Add that to the above and you get around 82,000 people added specifically thanks to the ACA.