Connecticut hits 53.6K Private, 73K Medicaid, 91%+ Paid

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Arielle Levin Becker

Hot off the presses (well...ok, hot off a CT Mirror reporter's Twitter feed, anyway): Connecticut is reporting an additional 3,000 private QHP enrollees over the past week (up to 53,673 on 2/18 from 50,665 as of 2/10), and an increase in Medicaid enrollment of around 1,600 people. They also apparently have a "paid" rate of at least 91% ("low 90%"):

As of midnight Tuesday, Access Health CT had 126,653 enrollees, including 53,673 signed up for private insurance.

— Arielle Levin Becker (@ariellelb) February 20, 2014

CT exchange CEO Kevin Counihan says state's paid premium rate is in low 90 percent. Natl avg is 80-81 percent.

— Arielle Levin Becker (@ariellelb) February 20, 2014

So, how does this impact the "February Drop-off" factor? Well, previously CT's February enrollment was running about 39% below January; this has improved to only 19% lower per day, which has the effect of increasing the overall daily average a bit, even after adjusting to only include the 91% paid enrollments:

And what about the "Paid / Unpaid" issue? Until today there were 5 states officially reporting this breakout: CA, NV, RI, VT and WA. With Connecticut added to the mix, here's where things stand:

  • California: 80% paid (662,910 out of 828,638)
  • Connecticut: 91% paid (48,842 out of 53,673)
  • Nevada: 66% paid (17,047 out of 25642)
  • Rhode Island: 85% paid (14,086 out of 16,512)
  • Vermont: 80% paid (13,514 out of 16,906)
  • Washington: 52% (90723 out of 176,095)

Note: Wisconsin was supposedly at 50% paid for enrollees through the end of December as of two weeks ago, but no number has been given for January enrollees, and even the 50% number was unofficial and awfully squirrelly, so I'm leaving that out for now.

Add up the other 6 and you have an average of 847,122 out of 1,117,466, or around 76% paid up.