More Excellent California News: 80% of enrollees are paid up; 75% across 5 states

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deaconblues, Happy Voter

Some additional positive news out of California today; so much going on I decided to break it out into a second post:

Lee also noted that of those enrolled through Jan. 31, 626,210 are eligible for subsidies, and insurance companies are reporting that 80 percent of all enrollees have paid their first month’s premium. 

The wording of this makes it hard to tell whether "all enrollees" means all of them or only those through Jan. 31, but this CoveredCA Tweet clarifies:

#CoveredCA health insurance companies are reporting that 80% of all enrollees have paid their first month's premium.

— Covered California (@CoveredCA) February 19, 2014

OK, so this really does mean all enrollees. Fair enough. The downside is that I have to move 165,272 people over to the "Unpaid" category. The upside is that the "How many have PAID???" question just became about 12% cleaner.

There are now 5 states which have reported their "Paid/Unpaid" ratios: California (new), Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, plus an unofficial/outdated number from Wisconsin.

Between the 5, we have:

  • California: 80% paid (662,910 out of 828,638)
  • Nevada: 66% paid (17,047 out of 25642)
  • Rhode Island: 85% paid (14,086 out of 16,512)
  • Vermont: 80% paid (13,514 out of 16,906)
  • Washington: 52% (90723 out of 176,095)
  • Wisconsin: This one is was supposedly 50% for enrollees through the end of December as of a week or two ago, but no number has been given for January enrollees, and even the 50% number was unofficial and awfully squirrelly, so I'm leaving that out for now.

Add up the other 5 and you have an average of 798,280 out of 1,063,793, or around 75% paid up.

Which, by an amazing coincidence, is exactly what I estimated the Paid ratio to be a week ago.