Most improved states – and what they tell us

Larry Levitt of Kaiser makes an interesting observation in a couple of Tweets yesterday:

States with big increases in ACA enrollment since December:

  • Mississippi ↑ 116% 
  • Florida ↑ 88% 
  • Louisiana ↑ 87% 
  • Texas ↑ 75% 
  • Georgia ↑ 73%

This list is all fed marketplace states. Growth generally lower in state exchanges because enrollment was higher to begin with.

Let me point out a few things that are worth noting here:

  • Texas is second only to California with regards to number of uninsured, and has now reached 33 % of its target, despite considerable obstruction and sabotage from Governor Perry and the GOP powerholders.
  • Florida is third with regards to number of uninsured, having now reached 62 % of its target.
  • Georgia is, I believe, rated fifth with regards to number of uninsured, behind New York (goal exceeded). Georgia is at 50 % fulfilment.

Between them, Texas, Florida and Georgia had enrolled 605,724 people per 02/01. That represents 18.4 % of total enrollments through the federal and state exchanges. The fact that three of the five most-improved states have such a large percentage of the America’s uninsured bodes well for a promising final February–March surge!