Wisconsin: Only about half of Oct - Dec enrollees have paid yet

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Just received this bit of negative news out of Wisconsin...apparently half of the WI Private QHP enrollees through the end of December still haven't made their first payments yet:

MADISON (WKOW) -- Wisconsin Deputy Insurance Commissioner Dan Schwartzer says only about half of the 40,752 state residents that signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act have paid their premiums and are currently receiving coverage.

Schwartzer tells 27 News that while some of the state insurance companies participating in the federal marketplace have received premium payments for 65 to 70 percent of those policies, others have seen a payment rate of only about 15 percent.

Between the Avalere reconfiguration, the Washington State double-counting news and this discouraging item out of Wisconsin, this isn't a particularly cheery day for ACASignups.net, I admit.

I now have solid Paid/Unpaid data for 4 states out of 51 (w/DC): Nevada, Rhode Island, Washington State and Wisconsin. These 4 states combined total about 256,000 QHP enrollees, or around 8% of the total so far. Of that 256K, about 55% are paid in full as of this writing, but it's still not representative enough to come to any conclusions about other states (Rhode Island is at 85% paid, while Wisconsin is only at 50%).

However, we've reached the point where I do feel it's reasonable to start considering the "How many have paid?" factor when considering which enrollments to "count" (at least for enrollees through the end of December, anyway). I'm hoping this data will be included for the other states in the official HHS report to be released this week (I hope!), and will see what it has to say before deciding how to handle the paid/unpaid issue going forward.