Maryland: Private QHP up 8%, Medicaid up 5% since January

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deaconblues, dadadata

Maryland had another few thousand people enroll in the in both Private QHPs and Medicaid over the past week: Private enrollments are up over 8% to 29,059, while Medicaid/CHIP enrollments have increased by 5%, to 44,592. The number of automatic transfers from the Primary Adult Care program also went up a few hundred to 95,824.

 Through February 1, 29,059 Marylanders have chosen to enroll in private health plans through Maryland Health Connection.

95,824 Marylanders signed up through the Primary Adult Care (PAC) program were automatically converted to Medicaid coverage effective on January 1, 2014, and now have full Medicaid coverage.  As of February 4, an additional 44,592 individuals were newly enrolled in Medicaid effective January 1.