IA & NE: Significant Off-Exchange Updates via CoOportunity Health!

Hat Tip To: 
Leigh McGivern

Leigh McGivern, PR & Social Media Manager for CoOportunity Health of Iowa and Nebraska, has done me a huge favor by agreeing to release the Co-Op's on-exchange and off-exchange (direct) enrollment figures through January 24!

Unfortunately, the on-exchange numbers are both less than the 12/28 totals for either states (there are 2 insurance companies operating on Iowa's exchange and 3 on Nebraska's), so I don't know how much those have gone up since December, but the off-exchange numbers are quite impressive and very telling! I'm not breaking out the age data, but here's the key numbers:

Iowa Off-Exchange QHP Enrollments: 5,325 Individual; 4,694 Small Group; 147 Large Group = 10,166

Nebraska Off-Exchange QHP Enrollments: 7,867 Individual; 8,079 Small Group; 1,833 Large Group = 17,779

Between the two, that's nearly 28,000 more people added to the Private QHP tally.

Ms. McGivern also notes that CoOportunity's exchange total is only 15,727, which means that their off-exchange enrollments are about 64% of their total QHPs! Obvoiusly this ratio is going to vary wildly, since WellPoint stated their off-exchange number as being "less than 20%" of their total, but if those two represent the high and low range, it suggests that as many as 30-40% of total QHP enrollments are being done directly via the insurance companies and co-ops. This is a significant development indeed.