Door-to-door enrollment efforts in Nevada

We’re seeing many types of outreach efforts to reach the uninsured. Navigators are doing their utmost (at least in states where their work is not being obstructed), and many church groups are addressing their congregations. Nevada has mounted a concerted door-to-door effort. Here are the results, as reported by Allison Bell.

Exchange managers want the canvassers to reach 450,800 people who seem likely to need individual or family health insurance. Mi Familia Vota says it made 53,052 total attempts from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31. The organization’s workers talked to people in 7,935 homes, or 18 percent of the homes in the target area, and generated 661 enrollment appointment leads. The canvassers found 8,377 households were inaccessible, and no one was home in 33,875. In 5,596, the residents already had health coverage. In 806 of the homes, residents refused to talk to the canvassers.

The other organization, Ramirez Group, said it was able to contact someone in 21,939, or 43 percent, of the 50,498 homes it visited from Nov. 1 through Dec. 29. Workers handed brochures to 4,277 people who wanted brochures and generated 833 enrollment appointment leads. Only 5,765 in the Ramirez Group’s area were inaccessible, but people in 6,505 of the homes refused to talk.

The Nevada exchange says representatives have had 7,847 one-on-one conversations with consumers and distributed 135,517 brochures or other printed marketing materials.