Iowa Update: 3,468 private from 1 of 2 companies; direct may be far higher

(Note: The spreadsheet numbers for IA & NE were actually updated with this data a couple of weeks ago, but it took me this long to get around to writing up the explanation)

In a December 23rd interview with the Des Moines Register, CoOportunity Health (1 of 2 companies participating in IA's ACA exchange (and 1 of 3 participating in NE) said they had enrolled 2,577 people in private plans via the exchange as of 12/20. However, they also mentioned a total of 8,583 enrollments state-wide as of 12/20, meaning another 6,006 people were enrolled directly through the company, bypassing the exchange completely.

I contacted Leigh McGivern, the PR representative for CoOportunity Health, who informed me that CoOportunity operates in Nebraska as well, and gave me more recent and detailed numbers for both states: 3,468 exchange-based enrollments (not sure if this is people or households) in Iowa, and another 7,362 exchange-based enrollments in Nebraska.

In addition to the on-exchange numbers listed in this entry, the CoOportunity Health representative also gave me another fascinating number which expanded on the 6,006 figure: 33,500 total enrollments for both IA & NE, including on-exchange, off-exchange, sm. & lg. groups and the "Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan" (aka Medicaid expansion). Subtracting out 3,468 and 7,362 leaves 22,670 for everything else. She didn't break these numbers down any further, but if the 34% increase in Iowa from 12/20 to 12/27 holds true with the off-exchange number, it's possible that the total number of off-exchange enrollments in Iowa (via CoOportunity alone) through 12/27 was as high as 8,000...although that also includes Medicaid expansion.

As for Nebraska, if Iowa's total as of 12/27 was (3,468 + 8,000), that would mean around 11,200 (22,670 - 11,468) in the Cornhuskers state for off-exchange + Medicaid expansion combined.

I plan on following up with the PR person to see if I can break out these numbers further. It's conceivable that the 8K and 11K numbers could hold some interesting off-exchange private enrollment additions...

As of Dec. 27, our enrollments, which includes both numbers for Iowa and Nebraska individuals and families, small groups and large groups, plus enrollments from the state of Iowa’s Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan, is about 33,500. Needless to say we are pleased with those numbers, considering our projection for 2014.

Yep, that’s all on and off Marketplace numbers. Our on-Marketplace numbers as of Dec. 27 are below for Nebraska and Iowa (keeping in mind this is ONLY for our company, not Coventry, not Nebraska Blues, etc.): Iowa (on Exchange; individuals/families ONLY): 3,468  /  Nebraska (on Exchange; individuals/families ONLY): 7,362