BY POPULAR DEMAND: The ACA Tutorial Slideshow!!

For the past six months, I've been giving a PowerPoint presentation to various activist clubs/meetings around Southeast Michigan about the Affordable Care Act and Republican attempts to repeal it, including the basics of how the ACA was supposed to work, which parts are and aren't working (and why), how I'd recommend fixing the real problems and, of course, just what the heck the GOP has been trying to do to tear it all apart.

Many people have requested an online version of the slideshow. I posted an earlier version of it this past spring, but obviously things have changed dramatically over the past few months.

I've updated and enhanced about 3/4 of the slideshow. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to update the GOP repeal section yet--it's sort of a mish-mash of AHCA and BCRA slides right now, but I thought it was more important to get it posted for the moment under the circumstances.

Then again, that section keeps changing every five minues anyway, so perhaps it's just as well if I hold off on that part. I'll swap out this version for a newer one at a later date.

The last section will be overhauled/updated ASAP, probably after the dust settles on whatever pile of crap they either pass or (hopefully) don't pass today or tomorrow.

Anyway, feel free to download and share widely (and of course if you feel like dropping a shekel or two in my cup, I won't say no!).

UPDATE 7/28/17: Well, looks like the last section needs to be seriously cut down anyway (at least for the moment)...

In addition, I've started uploading narrated video versions of the slideshow to YouTube! The first two have already been updated, with the remaining chapters on the way.

UPDATE 11/18/17: The PDF version has been updated (it's still a big mess but the slide data is mostly up to date and there's a whole bunch of new stuff included):

I've added direct links to each version for future reference: