ACA Exchange News/Press Release Links

Official ACA Exchange / News Link Facebook Twitter Frequency
Covered California Facebook Twitter ???
Connect for Health Colorado Facebook Twitter Monthly or Biweekly
Access Health CT Facebook Twitter Weekly
DC Health Link Facebook Twitter ???
Hawaii Health Connector (defunct since 7/26) Facebook Twitter ???
Your Health Idaho (moved off of Facebook Twitter ???
kynect (via Governor's kynect page) Facebook Twitter ???
Maryland Health Connection Facebook Twitter Weekly (Fri)
Massachusetts Health Connector Facebook Twitter Daily/Weekly (Mon)
MNsure Facebook Twitter Weekly (Fri)
New York State of Health Facebook Twitter ???
HealthSource RI Facebook Twitter ???
Vermont Health Connect Facebook Twitter ???
WA Health Benefit Exchange Facebook Twitter ???
HealthCare.Gov (via HHS blog) Facebook Twitter Weekly


Non/Quasi-Exchange Websites Facebook Twitter Notes
Cover Arizona     ACA enrollment advocacy
Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy     Medicaid/CHIP enrollment data
Choose Health Delaware      
Cover Georgia     Medicaid expansion advocacy
GetCovered Illinois     Portal to; essentially the "exchange in name only" model I've been speculating about for all states in the event Halbig/King is upheld
Cover Indiana     Medicaid expansion advocacy
Insure KS     ACA enrollment advocacy
Cover Maine Now!     Medicaid expansion advocacy
Healthy Michigan     Medicaid expansion enrollment data
Cover Mississippi     ACA enrollment advocacy
Nevada Health Link
Silver State Health Insurance Exchange
Facebook Twitter Portal to (former state-run exchange)
Covering New Hampshire     ACA enrollment advocacy
CoverNJ     ACA enrollment advocacy
BeWellNM     Portal to; also the SHOP exchange
Oregon Insurance Division (QHPs)
Cover Oregon (Medicaid)
Facebook Twitter Portal to (former state-run exchange)
Healthy PA     Medicaid expansion enrollment data
Texas Left Me Out     Medicaid expansion advocacy
Cover Virginia     ACA enrollment advocacy