Tennessee: *Final* avg. unsubsidized 2024 #ACA rate changes: +4.8%

Original story published 8/17/23.

Tennessee's preliminary 2024 individual & small group market health insurance rate filings are now available, including actual enrollment numbers, which allows me to run weighted averages for both markets.

For the most part they're fairly straightforward: The individual market is looking at average rate increases of around 4.8%, while the small group market averages around +7.8% overall.

The biggest news here is Humana dropping out of Tennessee's small group market, making Tennessee the 12th state where Humana is doing so in 2024. I'm embarrassed to say it took me taking note of this over a dozen times before remembering that I already wrote about Humana pulling out of the entire employer group market nationally back in February.

UPDATE 10/02/23: Well, all of Tennessee's filings appear to have been approved as is by the state regulatory department...they all say "approved" at the SERFF database and the newest filing versions all predate the original publication of this blog post from 8/17, so I'm concluding the preliminary rates are also the final rates.