Hawaii: Final avg. unsubsidized 2023 #ACA premiums: +2% (updated)


Hawaii only has two health insurance carriers serving the individual market, Hawaii Medical Service Assocation and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Both of them have submitted their proposed premium rate filings for 2023, and unlike most states so far this year, their initial requests are quite reasonable: Just a 2% average hike apiece.

Unfortunately, things are much spottier for Hawaii's small group market: I can only find the rate change & current enrollment filings for one of the 5 carriers offering small business plans, at 5.7%. This doesn't mean much without the data from the other carriers, however:

UPDATE 10/19/22: Both of Hawaii's individual market carrier filings have been approved as is, so that's a 2% average rate increase. On the small group market there's still some missing data but I was able to fill in some fields for both the preliminary and final rate filings: