South Carolina: (Preliminary) avg. unsubsidized 2023 #ACA rate changes: +10.4%

South Carolina

The South Carolina Insurance Dept. website isn't particularly helpful when it comes to getting the annual rate filing data for these analyses--they post a link to the federal Rate Review website and the SERFF database, but that's it...and most of the filings don't show up in SERFF, while many Rate Review database actuarial memos are all heavily redacted.

Fortunately, this year the Rate Review database has Consumer Justification Narratives for 4 of the 5 carriers participating in SC's individual market (Bright Health Co. appears to be dropping out of the state's indy market). While the fifth one is missing (Molina), I can make an educated guess as to their enrollment based on South Carolina's total individual market size, which should be roughly 300,000 people, give or take.

Based on that, it looks like SC carriers are asking for around a 10.4% average rate hike in 2023.

For the small group market, all of the actuarial memos are redacted, so all I have is the unweighted 2022 average rate changes, which comes in at +5.4%.

The other noteworthy item is that it looks like Bright Healthcare is pulling completely out of South Carolina's ACA-compliant individual market, and UnitedHealthcare Insurance Co. appears to be dropping out of the small group market (as opposed to UnitedHealthcare of the River Valley and UnitedHealthcare of South Carolina...confused yet?), though it's possible that they just haven't been added to the federal Rate Review database yet.