New York: (Preliminary) Avg. Unsubsidized 2023 #ACA Rate Change: +18.8%

New York

The New York Dept. of Financial Services hasn't issued a formal press release yet, so it's conceivable that a few more filings will be added, but as far as I can tell, the spreadsheet below contains the preliminary unsubsidized 2023 premium change requests for every carrier offering ACA-compliant individual and small group market healthcare policies.

I've poked around the actual actuarial nattative summaries for several of the carriers with the higher market share (Excellus, Fidelis, etc) and while I see a couple of references to the set-to-expire expanded American Rescue Plan subsidies being set to expire at the end of 2022, this isn't listed as a significant factor in the rate filings (at least the ones I've looked at).

Assuming these rate hikes are approved of as is (which is no sure thing; New York tends to cut them down somewhat), unsubsidized individual market enrollees will be looking at average premium increases of 18.8%, while small group market policyholders will see a 16.3% average increase.