New Jersey: DOBI accepts public comment on access to reproductive health care

New Jersey

via the New Jersey Dept. of Banking & Insurance:

TRENTON —The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance today announced that it is accepting public comment on access to comprehensive reproductive care, coverage of reproductive services and related health impacts.  

The department is collecting public comment as part of the implementation of the historic Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act recently signed by Governor Phil Murphy, which codifies the constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice in New Jersey.  

“In signing the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act, Governor Murphy protected a woman’s right to make medical decisions about her reproductive health,” said Commissioner Marlene Caride. “The department is looking forward to hearing from the public as we examine the impact of insurance coverage on the availability of comprehensive reproductive care services.” 

As a part of the Act, the Department of Banking and Insurance is responsible for conducting a study and issuing a report to the Governor and the Legislature regarding the need for regulations to ensure access to abortion services. After the study, the department may adopt regulations providing that health benefit plans delivered, issued, executed, or renewed in New Jersey, require coverage for abortion. 

The department has posted on its website questions for the public to respond to in its comments. The public comment period will close on May 26, 2022.