The most depressing email I've Received in Years.

I'm swamped with day job stuff today, but this email just came through:

On the Oriely Factor it was indicated that you propose taking away social security benefits. I paid into ssi from age 13 to age 67. I support your ur champagne with donations and support your conditional approach. Please do not take my earned SSI

It took me a few minutes to figure out how this ended up in my in box, but then I realized:

As far as I can tell, this poor soul...

  • a) Mistook this website for that of Ted Cruz's, even though it's pretty obvious that it has no connection to his campaign whatsoever.
  • b) Watches The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News (he appears to be in at least his late 60's, so no shocker there)
  • c) Is (or was, until now) a supporter of Ted Cruz, to the point that he's apparently made financial donations to his campaign.
  • d) Is now, however, deeply concerned about Ted Cruz taking away his Social Security benefits, which he paid into for 54 years.

At first, I started to chuckle a little at his error and the "champagne" misspelling...but the more I thought about it, this is just plain sad and anger-inducing.

This poor guy has been suckered into donating money to Ted Cruz from his (presumably) fixed income...and is now begging him not to tear away the little income he has.