Watch my ACA 101/Texas Fold'em seminar w/special guest Nicholas Bagley!

Last night I threw together my very first online ACA seminar for about 40 people (plus an unknown number of Facebook Live viewers, assuming I set that up correctly). It runs about two hours; the first half was pretty much an updated version of my normal "3-Legged Stool" explainer.

For the second half, however, I was joined by University of Michigan law professor & ACA expert Nicholas Bagley who helped explain the intricacies of the absurd CA v. TX lawsuit to strike down the entire Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (aka "TX v. Azar", "Tx. v. U.S." or, as I prefer to call it, "Texas Fold'em".

If you have two hours to kill, you can watch the whole thing here! If you want to skip past the ACA 101 stuff and go straight to Bagley & I discussing the lawsuit ahead of this morning's Supreme Court oral arguments, that starts at around the 70 minute mark.