#COVID19 Data: Nightly update of the sick and the dead.

Since tracking and analyzing data is what I'm best known for...and since I'm mostly stuck sitting in front of the computer all day whether I like it or not these days anyway...I've started my own daily COVID-19 spreadsheet.

Again, I'm not the one who compiled the data itself--many other teams with far better resources than I have are doing that--but I'm pulling their work together and adding some additional context, such as per capita info by state/territory.


  • 4.0 million tests have been completed in the U.S. (changing the wording here since some of these could be the same person being tested multiple times).
  • 28,100 more Americans tested positive today. Over 792,000 have tested positive to date (2.4 per thousand)
  • Another 1,900 Americans died today. Over 42,500 have died to date (1.3 per thousand).
  • The U.S. Case Fatality Rate (CFR) now stands at 5.4% (someone pointed out that I've been misusing the term "mortality" since that would mean dividing into the entire population; CFR divides into total COVID-19 cases only.
  • I've decided to switch my "% increase" measurement from 3 days to one week (7 days) going forward. The U.S. case count has increased 35% over the past week, and the total U.S. death toll has increased by 80%.

New York:

  • 634,000 tests have been completed on New Yorkers to date (3.3% of the population)
  • 4,900 more New Yorkers tested positive today. Over 252,000 have tested positive to date (1.3% of the population).
  • 631 more New Yorkers died today. Nearly 19,000 have died so far. Put another way, nearly 1 of every 1,000 New York residents.
  • New York's CFR is 7.5%, second only to the Northern Mariana Islands and Michigan.
  • New York's cases have increased 29% over the past week. The death toll has risen 88%.

Michigan (my home state):

  • 114,000 tests have been completed on Michiganders to date (1.1% of the population)
  • 576 more Michiganders tested positive today. Exactly 32,000 have tested positive to date (3.2 per thousand).
  • 77 more Michiganders died today. Nearly 2,500 have died to date.
  • Michigan continues to have the highest CFR of any state at 7.7%.
  • Michigan's cases have increased 25% in the past week. Our death toll has increased 54%.

Other States/Territories:

  • As noted above, I've decided to change my "rate increase" measurement from 3 days to 7 days (one week) going forward. With that in mind, 10 states have seen their death tolls double or more in the past week, along with the U.S. Virgin Islands:
    • West Virginia
    • Pennsylvania
    • Maryland
    • Connecticut
    • Massachusetts
    • Rhode Island
    • Minnesota
    • District of Columbia
    • Virginia
    • Wyoming
  • No states actually doubled their case count over the past week, but five states came close: North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio and Iowa.
  • My primary data source (WorldoMeters.Info) also started tracking federal prisoners today; they put the numbers at 804 infected and 22 having died of COVID-19 to date.