#COVID19 Data: Nightly update of the sick and the dead.

Since tracking and analyzing data is what I'm best known for...and since I'm mostly stuck sitting in front of the computer all day whether I like it or not these days anyway...I've started my own daily COVID-19 spreadsheet.

Again, I'm not the one who compiled the data itself--many other teams with far better resources than I have are doing that--but I'm pulling their work together and adding some additional context, such as per capita info by state/territory.


  • 3.87 million Americans have been tested for COVID-19 to date (1.2% of the population)
  • 25,500 more Americans tested positive today.
  • 764,000 have tested positive to date (2.3 per thousand)
  • Another 1,500 Americans died today. Over 40,500 have died to date.
  • The apparent U.S mortality rate is up to 5.3% (0.12 per thousand).

New York:

  • 617,000 New Yorkers have been tested to date (1.3% of the population)
  • Another 6,200 tested positive today; 247,000 have tested positive to date.
  • Another 627 New Yorkers died today. 18,300 have died to date (0.94 per thousand).

Michigan (my home state):

  • 110,000 Michiganders have been tested to date (1.1% of the population). Michigan is 26th in terms of testing per capita, but 8th in terms of positive cases per capita, which likely explains our highest-in-the-nation apparent mortality rate (see below)
  • 633 more Michiganders tested positive today. Over 31,400 have tested positive to date.
  • 83 more Michiganders died today. Nearly 2,400 have died to date. As noted above, we have the highest apparent mortality rate in the country at 7.6%.

Other States/Territories:

  • Four states had 3-day case increases of 33% or higher today...and again, three of the four are rural/great plains states: North Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa, plus Ohio for the first time in awhile (?)
  • Only 7 states (+ the U.S. Virgin Islands) saw their 3-day death tolls increase by 33% or more today: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Virginia.
  • As noted yesterday, Rhode Island has surpassed New York for the highest portion of their population to have been tested (3.28%).
  • Some other tragic news: Worldometers has been reporting positive cases and deaths among members of the Navajo Nation (70 more positive cases were reported today, bringing the total to nearly 1,200). However, until today I didn't know how many this was out of total...and it turns out there's only around 174,000 Navajo Nation members nationally. If accurate, this means nearly 7 members have tested positive per thousand, meaning if the Navajo Nation was a state or territory it woudl rank 3rd per capita, between New Jersey and Massachusetts.
  • At the opposite end of the spectrum, American Samoa continues to be the only U.S. state or territory which is still reporting no COVID-19 cases whatsoever. On the other hand, they're also only reporting having even tested 3 of the 55,600 inhabitants, so I'm not sure that means much.