#COVID19 Data: Nightly update of the sick and the dead.

Since tracking and analyzing data is what I'm best known for...and since I'm mostly stuck sitting in front of the computer all day whether I like it or not these days anyway...I've started my own daily COVID-19 spreadsheet.

Again, I'm not the one who compiled the data itself--many other teams with far better resources than I have are doing that--but I'm pulling their work together and adding some additional context, such as per capita info by state/territory.

I also include the partisan lean of every state, which may sound cynical or tasteless...unless you've been paying attention to the news of late. That's exactly how Donald Trump sees it; he's literally giving red states whatever resources they ask for (or more) while deliberately starving the blue states (or even some purple states if their governors aren't "nice" enough to him) or giving them scraps.


  • 3.7 million Americans have been tested to date (1.1% of the population)
  • 29,000 more Americans tested positive today.
  • 739,000 have tested positive to date (2.2 per thousand)
  • Another 1,900 Americans died today. Over 39,000 have died to date.
  • The apparent mortality rate is up to 5.3%. Testing needs to be ramped up dramatically.
  • The U.S. death toll has increased 20% over the past 3 days.

New York:

  • Nearly 600,000 New Yorkers have now been tested...over 3% of the population.
  • However, for the first time, New York no longer holds the record for the highest percent of its population to be tested...Rhode Island has bypassed it with 3.1%. Whether you see this as good or bad news depends on your point of view, I suppose.
  • Another 7,100 New Yorkers tested positive today. Over 241,000 have now tested positive...1.2% of the population.
  • Another 540 New Yorkers died today. While this is horrible, it's actually a positive sign given that it's the lowest daily death toll for NY since April 4th. I'm obviously hoping this isn't simply due to some deaths not being reported yet over the weekend, but we'll see what happens tomorrow or Monday.
  • Having said that, over 17,600 New Yorkers have now died of COVID-19. The odds are that 1 out of every 1,000 state residents will have died within 3-4 days. New York's apparent mortality rate is 7.3%.

Michigan (my home state):

  • Nearly 100,000 Michiganders (1% of the population) have been tested to date.
  • Another 768 tested positive today, bringing the total up to over 30,700, or 3 out of every 1,000.
  • 81 more Michiganders died today, bringing the total up to over 2,300. Again, that's the lowest daily death toll Michigan has had since April 5th, for whatever that's worth.
  • Michigan continues to hold the highest apparent mortality rate due to our low testing levels.

Other States/Territories:

  • As noted above, Rhode Island has now surpassed New York in terms of the percent of their population which has been tested (3.1% vs. 3.07%).
  • Only three states have seen their 3-day case totals increase by 33% or more today: Wyoming, North Dakota and Nebraska (with South Dakota still right behind them). Clearly the pandemic has started to hit the rural great plains states hard.
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands along with a dozen states saw their 3-day death tolls increase by 33% or more today:
    • Rhode Island
    • West Virginia
    • New Mexico
    • Delaware
    • Montana
    • Pennsylvania
    • Massachusetts
    • North Carolina
    • Iowa
    • Minnesota
    • Nebraska
    • Maine