HHS Sec. Azar openly admits Trump Admin doesn't have the slightest clue how many Americans have been tested for COVID-19.


Here's the full transcript verbatim:

"So, we've told you...we'll tell you what we know and don't know. So there's different types of tests which get sent out. The CDC's test that CDC is sending out, that's that 70...enough to send out 75,000 people, that was sent out last week. Those go to public health labs, about 80 labs in the United States, one in each state at least. Those report results back in to the CDC because they're part of the public health network. The larger quantity of tests that shipped, about 900,000 of the tests that shipped by this weekend, and then so many of the remainder of that 2 point...total, 2.1 million tests...those go to hospitals, private labs, others for testing...they don't currently have to report to us that they've conducted a test or what the result of that test is. The CDC is actively working right now to build that IT connectivity with them so we can gather that information. So right now...I could not give you a number of how many Americans have received a test because many will have received a test through hospitals or non-public health labs, and so...let's work with getting the system, the IT system up through the CDC, you want to get the accurate information as we go. 

Maybe I should register CoronaTestCount.net and start up an amateur spreadsheet to track this by state for the HHS Dept...hmmmm...

  • Michigan:
    • 63 tests approved
    • 39 negative
    • 0 positive
    • 24 results pending
    • 0 deaths from COVID-19
    • 471 referred for assessment/monitoring
    • 124 total assessment/monitoring referrals
  • Connecticut:
    • 56 tests completed
    • 54 tested negative
    • 2 tested positive
    • 0 deaths from COVID-19
  • California:
    • 114– Positive tests
    • 24 – Cases of positive tests related to federal repatriation flights
    • 90 – Cases not related to repatriation flights
    • 37 - Travel-related
    • 23 - Person to person
    • 14 - Community transmission
    • 16 – Under investigation
    • 10,250+ self-monitoring who returned to the U.S. through SFO or LAX
    • 49 – Number of local health jurisdictions involved in self-monitoring
    • 19 – Labs with test kits, 15 of which are already testing