AHA, APA, AARP, AHA & AMA like ACA, say "No Way" to AHCA. OK?


Statements rolling in from advocacy, patient groups. American Health Association, American Hospital Association both won’t support AHCA.

— Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff) March 7, 2017

Hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, patient advocates all releasing statements that AHCA is unworkable.

AMA's letter is below. pic.twitter.com/lhnbVrc87g

— Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) March 8, 2017

Trumpnation day 48-Fallout continues over Trumpcare bill. AMA, AHA, AARP, FAH, AAP, APA, some republicans and all democrats are now opposed.

--Khepri (@khepricorn) March 8, 2017

Has the American Heart Association or American Homerbrewers Association chimed in yet? 

Seriously, though, i appears that aside from (most?) Congressional Republicans and the super-rich who'd receive an average $7 million tax cut from their scheme, pretty much everyone else thinks it's a horrible idea, because it a) doesn't fix any of the genuine problems within the ACA; b) makes many of those problems worse; and c) somehow manages to create a whole bunch of additional problems at the same time.

Here's a brief roundup of conservative pundits/writers who think it's a disaster in waiting (obviously some of their reasons are diametrically opposed to mine, but still):