Minnesota breaks Open Enrollment record for 5th year straight: 123.7K QHPs

Immediately after the Colorado ACA exchange released their final 2019 enrollment numbers comes Minnesota's...via MNsure...

MNsure reaches record-setting sign-up numbers in sixth open enrollment period

  • 123,731 Minnesotans sign up for private health coverage

ST. PAUL, Minn.—MNsure reported strong numbers during its sixth open enrollment period, which ended Sunday. Nearly 400 more Minnesotans signed up for coverage than during the previous open enrollment period, which ended with 123,334 sign-ups.

Hmmm...just as with Colorado, MNsure's official numbers don't quite jibe with CMS's official report from last year, which put MN's tally at 116,358 QHP selections...nearly 7,000 fewer than MNsure's number.

However, again as with Colorado, Minnesota's 2019 number is still higher than 2018 anyway, meaning that MN becomes the fourth state to see their Open Enrollment numbers increase each and every year for five years straight (the fourth state, joining MA, CO & MN, is...Hawaii. Huh.)

“Despite uncertainty on the federal level and decreased sign-ups across the country, MNsure maintains strong footing and improved on its record-breaking sign-ups from last year,” said CEO Nate Clark. “It is evident that Minnesotans see the value of comprehensive coverage.”

Over 57 percent of households qualified for advanced premium tax credits (APTC) averaging nearly $5,520 a year.

“Lower premiums, an extended open enrollment period, and a robust outreach program all contributed to our success this year,” said Clark. "These advantages have helped ensure Minnesotans can get the health care coverage they need."

Across the state, yearly APTC averages for households were:

  • Southeast Minnesota—$9,228
  • Northeast Minnesota—$5,448
  • Southwest Minnesota—$8,532
  • Twin Cities Metro—$4,176
  • Northwest Minnesota—$6,156

MNsure saw strong engagement with its new plan comparison tool, which allowed Minnesotans to easily and efficiently preview plans and estimate financial assistance. Over the course of the next year, MNsure will roll out additional improvements to its individual shopping and enrollment platform.


  • Private health plan sign-ups—123,731 
  • Public program applicants—104,707 
  • Total accessing coverage—228,438 
  • Percentage receiving tax credits—57 percent 
  • Average yearly tax credit by household—$5,520 
  • Call volume—120,429 
  • MNsure.org sessions—1,801,970 
  • Plan comparison tool sessions—234,272