Site News: Please welcome RWJF!

The Big News this week is all about the #TexasFoldEm court case (which could potentially destroy the Affordable Care Act as soon as January 2019) and the Brent Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation hearings (which could potentially destroy both the Affordable Care Act and the rest of United States as soon as, oh, let's call it within a year or so).

I hope neither of these things happens, of course...but regardless of how things play out, I also hope to still be around to document, analyze and explain the latest healthcare policy drama as it happens for years to come. has been kept alive for nearly five years thanks to two main sources: Individual supporters who donate either once or monthly, and banner ads, which are usually generic. Today I'm honored to announce that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, one of the most respected sources for healthcare knowledge and education, has also agreed to advertise on this site.

On one level, all this means is that the primary banner ad slots across the top and side of the site will be dedicated to RWJF's HIX Compare project, which provides detailed datasets for both the Individual and Small Group healthcare markets since 2014. They replace the standard Google ads.

On another level, this means that the status of going forward, which had been pretty precarious until now, is now assured for awhile. Don't get me wrong: I could still use whatever help you're able to provide, either one-time or monthly. The RWJF assistance in combination with individuals supporting the site is what allows me to keep posting updates.

OK, back to the insanity we call U.S. Healthcare Policy...