Now that THAT'S out of the way...


Well, now...suddenly it feels like putting together this video series isn't such a waste of time after all!

Last week I posted the first in a video slideshow explainer series giving an overview of the pre-ACA landscape, circa 2009.

It was pretty crude, but I was scrambling to upload it ahead of the big Senate repeal/replace vote...and frankly, I felt a little silly bothering afterwards, since there was a very good chance that none of this would matter soon anyway.

Fortunately, late last night, something unexpected happened...and it now appears that the ACA will indeed live on for awhile, albeit still with serious issues to work out.

That being the case, I've recorded and uploaded the second slideshow video in the series...and yes, this one includes the (in)famous Three-Legged Stool.

Enjoy (well, as much as anyone can enjoy a dull 18-minute slideshow about healthcare policy, anyway).

As always, support is appreciated!