MICHIGAN: Please help out Eclectablog!

I know I tend to pitch for folks to support my work here at ACA Signups fairly frequently, but today I want to pass the hat a bit for my friend Chris Savage of Eclectablog (and yes, there's even a healthcare angle here). From his post earlier today:

You may recall that earlier this year, I had a run-in with a bad dude named Diverticulitis that put me in the hospital for ten days. As it turns out, I need to have surgery next month to keep that scary situation from ever happening again. Because this is happening during the time when we normally hold our annual fundraising party, we are going to postpone the party until late August when I am back on my feet.

The upshot is that the Eclectablog bank account is nearly depleted and won’t be significantly refreshed until almost September. Therefore, this quarterly fundraiser is more important than most. We need to raise enough money to keep paying our fabulous contributors until the annual party.

...Please consider making a contribution and joining the growing community of supporters here at Eclectablog. One really terrific way to support us is to make a recurring monthly donation.

He also has options for one-time donations via PayPal or by check.

And no, you don't have to live in Michigan to support him; many of Eclectablog's posts have national implications as well.

Full disclosure: Besides being a friend and colleague, I provide Eclectablog's web hosting services and occasional tech support, so by donating to him I suppose you'd technically be supporting me slightly as well, but that's not why I'm getting this out there.