I'm finally serious about livestreaming via Periscope!

OK, it's taken me way too long to get around to doing this, but I'm finally going to do livestreaming via Periscope.

You can follow public streams via Twitter, of course (which I may do from time to time), but in order to receive notices of scheduled livestreams, you have to follow me on Periscope itself:

1. Download the Periscope App to your iOS/Android device, of course.

2. Launch Periscope and tap the "People" tab.

3. Run a search for my username: @charles_gaba

4. Tap the + icon to follow me.

Then shoot me a message to let me know you're following me. There's supposed to be a notification tool for announcing when you're going live.

It's my intent to have two types of livestreams: Some will be open to anyone and may be done randomly; others will be scheduled and restricted to certain Patreon supporters.

I'm still working out the details on the distinction between the two, but one way or the other will be having the first one next week.

Thanks for bearing with me while I figure this stuff out...