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I've been operating for nearly 4 1/2 years. It started out as a nerdy hobby thing in my spare time, but quickly overtook my life. I always planned to shut it down after the first Open Enrollment Period ended back in April 2014...and then in March 2015...and again in 2016. Year after year, people clamored for me to keep it going one more year.

Until November 2016, I had honestly intended on winding things down here and refocus on my day job as a freelance website developer...and frankly, I've been increasingly neglecting that business more and more as my work here has taken up an increasing amount of time. Instead, interest in the site and the work I do to crunch numbers, analyze data and educate the public about the consequences of healthcare policy changes has instead become higher than ever.

My work is partially supported through a combination of banner ads and one-time donations, and I'm eternally grateful to those who've helped out...but if I'm going to continue working on this site, analyzing healthcare data, debunking fake/misleading claims and educating the public about how the ACA works, the real problems it has, how to fix them and where we should go from here, I need to have a more stable, consistent source of support. That's where Patreon comes in.

If you're not familiar with Patreon, it's pretty simple. Instead of making a one-time pledge/donation like KickStarter or GoFundMe, with Patreon you pledge to make a small monthly donation on an ongoing basis. You can pledge as little as $1/mo if you'd like; every bit helps!

All content on will still be available to all visitors, it's just that you'd be supporting me over at Patreon, where I'll also be adding some additional content/analysis there as well. For those who pledge support at $5/month or above, I offer a weekly newsletter subscription and am experimenting with things like an occasional podcast and/or livestream Q&A, that sort of thing.

If you'd prefer to make a one-time donation, the PayPal/GoFundMe options are also still available, of course, but I'm encouraging supporters to consider becoming a Patron today!

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