Washington State: House Bill 2516 passes, helping the WA exchange...um...do stuff?


I honestly can't make heads or tails out of what, exactly, the just-passed HB2516 from the Washington State legislature actually does, but the WA Health Benefit Exchange seems to be pretty happy about whatever it is:

Today, Pam MacEwan, CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, issued the following statement on the signing of House Bill 2516: 

“The Washington Health Benefit Exchange applauds today’s signing of House Bill 2516 by Gov. Jay Inslee.

“This state-level legislation protects important progress made in Washington state under the Affordable Care Act. Our position as the state’s health insurance gateway is now stronger than ever, and despite continued uncertainty we may see at the federal level, this bill enables us to continue improving the customer experience for the people in our state.

“The bill’s removal of outdated requirements that no longer align with our current operations clears the way for the Exchange to better serve all residents of Washington state. This includes language that will allow us to innovate and operate in ways that allow our customers to connect with and maintain their health coverage. These changes also create opportunities for maximizing the state’s investment in the Exchange’s technology to further improve how people seek and receive health and health-related benefits.

“We would like to thank both the Governor and the Washington state Legislature for their support on the passage of this legislation. Their combined efforts have resulted in a significant achievement for the future of the Exchange and how we deliver health coverage to more than 1.8 million residents of our state.”

Well...good for them, then.

UPDATE: Thanks to Twitter follower #80k_0k8 (yes, that's the handle) for the link to the actual text. It sounds like a lot of small nips & tucks, including removing redundant language and/or no-longer-relevant deadlines "By December 15, 2011" and so forth. Fair enough.