Huh. Imagine that: Healthcare spending growth has slowed dramatically

I know, I know, caveats no doubt abound here, but still:

Health spending growth has slowed, and is now more on pace with economic growth

From 1970 – 1980, the average annual growth in the U.S. economy was 9.2% per year, compared to health spending growth of 12.2%. Although health spending growth has since moderated, it generally continued to outpace growth of the economy, though by a somewhat smaller margin. The 2010 – 2013 period, however, saw an average annual growth rate in health expenditures that was similar to growth in GDP.  Health spending did pick back up in 2014 and 2015 with the coverage expansions of the Affordable Care Act.

Hmmm...what happened between 2010 - 2016? I can't imagine...