Minnesota: 108.5K QHPs thru 12/20; 1,500K to go to break their record w/25 days to go

Just yesterday MNsure issued an unofficial tally of 106,000 QHP selections through 12/19. Yesterday also happened to be their December deadline for coverage starting in January, although their Open Enrollment Period still runs through January 14th.

Today they updated the number officially, including the final mid-season deadline:

Private health coverage enrollments through MNsure top 108,500 following first deadline

Total enrollments for 2018 now 12.5 percent ahead of where they were this time last year

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Following the first deadline for 2018 coverage, 108,540 Minnesotans have enrolled in private health coverage through MNsure. Yesterday, December 20, was the deadline for coverage beginning January 1. Minnesotans have until January 14 to sign up for coverage starting February 1, 2018.

Last year after the first deadline, MNsure had 96,540 enrollments, putting this year 12,000 enrollments ahead of last year at this time, or 12.5 percent.

“Minnesotans need and want affordable health coverage,” said MNsure CEO Allison O’Toole. “MNsure is the only place where Minnesotans can get tax credits averaging over $7,000 per year and we encourage anyone out there still not covered to come to MNsure.org to shop and compare plans.”

Yesterday was the busiest day of this year’s open enrollment with nearly 8,000 calls to the call center, 64,000 visits to MNsure.org and 5,600 health plan comparison tool sessions.

In addition to over 108,000 private health coverage enrollments, MNsure has received 10,210 dental enrollments, putting its total enrollments for 2018 at 118,750.


Minnesota's official total last year was 109,974 according to ASPE, so they're within 1,500 enrollees of breaking that record with a full 4 weeks left to go (the exchange itself claims a higher 2017 total of 117,654...not sure what that's about...)