Massachusetts: 262.3K QHPs thru 12/19; 4,400 away w/a month to go

This is a pretty minor update to my last Massachusetts post, but every enrollment counts: I've just received confirmation from the MA Health Connector that the Bay State has tallied up 262,302 plans selected or enrollments as of 12/19.

Their record to date was last year, when they had a total of 266,664 QHP selections through January 31st, 2017...and unlike most states, the deadline in MA is still a month away (residents have until 12/23 to enroll for January coverage and until 1/23/18 to enroll for February coverage).

This gives Massachusetts a full 5 weeks to add at least 4,400 more people to break that record. They've added 2,487 in the past 13 days; if they kept that pace they'd add 6,685 more between now and 1/23, so it's not unreasonable to think they can pull that off.