Idaho: 87K QHPs thru 11/30

Thanks to "Andy the Dog" for the heads up:

Kelly said about 90,000 people were insured through the exchange at any given time this year. (People could enroll or cancel during the year.) And at the end of last year’s open-enrollment period, more than 100,000 were signed up for coverage.

This month, the exchange has renewed 86,300 customers for 2018 plans. The new sign-ups are much lower, in the hundreds. Kelly said total enrollment so far — 2017 customers being rolled over into 2018, plus the new sign-ups — exceeds 87,000.

“That number has grown every day in the last several weeks,” he said.

Less than 10 percent of people who were auto-renewed for 2018 plans have canceled so far, he said. More people could cancel by the deadline, though; last year, almost 30 percent of auto-renewed plans had been canceled when the dust settled on the enrollment period.

OK, so Idaho, like Maryland, Rhode Island and a few other state-based exchanges, has "front-loaded" their autorenewals, and then has people actively opt-out if they want to; fair enough. As a result, additional new enrollees may be partly/fully cancelled out by current enrollees dropping coverage, so it's conceivable that the final tally will actually be the same or even lower than today, but at the moment, the grand total is 87,000 QHP selections for Idaho through the end of November.

Assuming "over 87,000" means around 87.1K, that suggests around 800 new enrollees vs. 86.3K renewals, or only about 1% of the total so far.